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info, rules, and regulations regarding the use of CEMI unit

CEMI Units: Rules and Regulations

The public, students, staff, and faculty may purchase CEMI units have access the different services offered by our non-profit creative learning labs. Students residing in housing assigned by the institution automatically receive units based on their program duration.

CEMI Units are always available during operating hours. To use your CEMI Units you simply need your student ID card, which can be found digitally on the student platform under “my profile” section. Units will automatically be deducted from your account when the barcode is scanned at checkout. Afterwards, you will receive an email with the number of units you have used.

Extra units can be purchased during all sessions. Please refer to the Ganzo, Fedora, and Sorgiva websites for prices and menus.

To upgrade your CEMI Units, please contact:

Rules and Regulations

  • Units are loaded onto the student ID card.

  • Units expire at the end of each academic session, credit or refunds are not issued for unused units. Students can monitor remaining units during each visit.

  • Units may be used during regular operating hours.

    Units may not be used during aperitivo.

  • Units may include beverages as specified in menu options. Any beverage not indicated must be paid for separately.

  • Units are for personal use only and cannot be transferred to another student.

Please refer to CEMI website for prices and menus.