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Fondazione Palazzi

and Palazzi Community Center​

Palazzi is a non-profit foundation that fosters cultural integration within the city of Florence.

the historical garden

Cafaggio del Vescovo

The garden belonged to the Bishop of Florence in the 1200s, and was part of a larger property called the Cafaggio del Vescovo mentioned in historical documents as

“a beautiful garden with table grapes and fruit trees that was rented out…” 

The building, on the other hand, was divided into two homes known as the “big house and the small house,” and was documented in the 1400s as the property of the Falcucci family.Since then, the palace and the garden have changed private ownership of various families throughout the centuries, hidden from the public until today.The garden today continues captivate with its citrus trees and herbs. Whether you’d like to join a wellness class, check out the spa, participate in an event, or enjoy a lunch/apertivo, you can always stop by Mon-Sat.

fondazione palazzi

The Fondazione di Partecipazione Palazzi - Florence Association for International Education is a not-profit foundation that manages the projects and activities of the Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) affiliated with Florence University of the Arts - The American University of Florence (FUA-AUF), entities that support FUA's commitment to cultural integration.

 Each CEMI is strongly linked to an academic division at FUA. CEMI initiatives and projects signify specific services and structures that are open to the public and involve students in experiential learning results shared with the local Florentine community.  All Palazzi iniatiatives support learning opportunities of current and future students, and a primary objective of the foundation is to raise scholarships for international education opportunities.

 All proceeds are collected in scholarship funds

The foundation’s fundraising efforts support scholarships for 1, 2, and 4-year academic programs in collaboration with Florence University of the Arts – The American University of Florence.

All foundation activities are open to FUA-AUF students for extracurricular involvement and enrichment. Fedora meal services and Sorgiva treatments can be utilized through FUA-AUF student unit plans.


Fedora School Pastry Shop

Fedora è il laboratorio didattico creativo di pasticceria di Apicius International School of Hospitality aperto alla città.

Lun – Sab 8:30- 21:30
Pranzo (12:00 – 15:00) | Aperitivo (18:00 – 21:00)

Sorgiva Spa & Wellness Lab

Sorgiva è il laboratorio didattico creativo di welness di Apicius International School of Hospitality aperto alla città.

Mar – Sab 11:00 – 18:30
Solo su appuntamento

Dimora FUA-AUF Guest Apartments

Dimora è il laboratorio didattico creativo di hospitality di Apicius International School of Hospitality.



Our initiatives

The Palazzi Foundation’s initiatives integrate new services for the Florentine community such as after-school programs for children, culinary and wine lessons, art activities, yoga, pilates, Florentine city walks, wellness services at the Sorgiva spa, and much more.